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Adrian Tanase, author, writer and musician I am a


and an


. I create electronic music since 1996 and since 2018 I started writing books.

Below here is my author description.

His journey as an author began in May 2018, at the age of 39. He started writing as a new challenge and soon discovered that he liked it very much, so he continued improving his skills, every day. In December, of the same year, he received his first-ever prize for a short sci-fi story, written for a contest organized by the well-known Romanian sci-fi club Helion, based in Timisoara, Romania, where he took the 2nd place, with the short sci-fi story "They Were Two" (which he's planning to convert into a trilogy somewhere in 2026). He continued improving and writing a lot and discovered that his genres are motivational/self-help/spiritual, free-verse poetry, fiction, and science fiction. Since 2018, he has published twenty-one books: a Japanese Haiku love poem title, four free-verse poetry titles in a concept series called "Timeless Adventures", ten spiritual / self-help titles in the series "The Golden Path", and six sci-fi novels. He is also narrating and producing audiobooks for his book portfolio, already having published 18 audiobooks. Adrian Tanase is also an electronic music producer, publishing music internationally under the moniker "Xplore" since 2005.
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