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My author story is fairly simple.

I somehow always wanted to write. I loved literature way back in school and college and my interest in creating music had definitely lead the way, during the course of time, towards exploring the artistic and imaginative side of writing, as well.

So, I started up writing in early april, 2018 and never stopped eversince. I have never thought that writing creates such much joy and freedom.

I love spirituality, Buddhist teachings, Christian Orthodox teachings and I am embracing all the other ways that there are (Japanese Zen, indian/hindu philosophy, middle eastern religions etc.). I think they all point to finding yourself or awakening as a full human being in this life. So yes, I am planning on writing a lot about this, packing the knowledge and insights I gathered over the years, that helped me cope with difficult situations in life, when they arise, or simply, see life from a fresh and joyful perspective. Talking about spirituality, it is a never-ending process, that unfolds like a spiral towards understanding who we are and being able to integrate love, forgiveness, gratitude and equanimity in our lives, understanding oneness and creating the basic ground of peace where every beautiful thing can start to manifest.

I also love science-fiction. It usually explores unexplored realms and stands at the forefront of science and what we know that exists, always being one step ahead what society is. I will definitely publish fiction as well, not only science-fiction, as I think writing fiction books is an excellent way to develop your creativity, creating your own version of the world, to the smallest details.

200 Haiku Love Poems

200 Haiku Love Poems

released on the 12th of January, 2020

Adrian Tanase

ISBN : 9783966612111

 104 pages

3.49 USD

In this Japanese haiku love poem book, I am delivering an underlying message that is not only about romance and romantic love but even more, about the sacred feelings, perceptions and sophisticated moods that deeper love creates, when the partners are very much in love with each other.

These poems are the perfect gift for your girl or your woman partner, as they perfectly express that spiritual and sweet aspect of love that all women are looking for in their relationship. They are very inspiring so they can be a great moodsetter, always being able to rekindle the flame of love while describing so clearly the joy of the heart while being in love.

200 Haiku Love Poems - short sample preview from the AudioBook
70 Daily Reflections For Your Spiritual Awakening

70 Daily Reflections For Your Spiritual Awakening

released on 16th of june, 2019

Adrian Tanase

ISBN : 9783965086005

139 pages

3.49 USD

Throughout our lives, we all experience a gradual and slow process of Awakening. Those of us seeking the spiritual side of life are using centuries-old practices to support this process, by using meditation, yoga, silent prayer, devotion, contemplation, reciting mantras, or just keeping a mindful approach during our day. By being more mindful and centered every day, we become more compassionate, we develop gratitude for what we have and gain a clear perception of our world.

Thus, we start to love more, give and receive more, appreciate things more, manifesting a more balanced, happier, and abundant life.

I wrote these reflections with carefulness to encompass most of the spiritual aspects that are present on a spiritual path and with the hope that by contemplating these paragraphs of wisdom, this will create for you that much-needed spaciousness where you can finally attain the freedom that each of us is meant to experience here, on Earth.

329 Haiku Poems For Your Spiritual Practice

329 Haiku Poems For Your Spiritual Practice

released on 10th of october 2018

Adrian Tanase

ISBN : 9783965087217

152 pages

3.49 USD

In this rather extensive collection of Japanese 3-line haiku poems, the mystical blends with the simplicity of the world to create sacred, transparent, and yet profound and inspiring insights, to guide you further, on your spiritual path. Reading and contemplating these poems will sustain your mindfulness and you will be inspired to meditate more, in your daily routine.

The book is organized in 29 chapters, all related to virtues, human traits, and other spiritual aspects. I have covered most of the topics that a seasoned spiritual practitioner or even a beginner one would need for his meditative and contemplative practice and I am sure that any practitioner will find plenty of poems that he can resonate with, in this book.

May all these poems that I wrote with much love, guide your heart on the path of beauty and simplicity. Namaste

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