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My author story is fairly simple.

I somehow always wanted to write. I loved literature way back in school and college and my interest in creating music had definitely lead the way, during the course of time, towards exploring the artistic and imaginative side of writing, as well.

So, I started up writing in early april, 2018 and never stopped eversince. I have never thought that writing creates such much joy and freedom.

I love spirituality, Buddhist teachings, Christian Orthodox teachings and I am embracing all the other ways that there are (Japanese Zen, indian/hindu philosophy, middle eastern religions etc.). I think they all point to finding yourself or awakening as a full human being in this life. So yes, I am planning on writing a lot about this, packing the knowledge and insights I gathered over the years, that helped me cope with difficult situations in life, when they arise, or simply, see life from a fresh and joyful perspective. Talking about spirituality, it is a never-ending process, that unfolds like a spiral towards understanding who we are and being able to integrate love, forgiveness, gratitude and equanimity in our lives, understanding oneness and creating the basic ground of peace where every beautiful thing can start to manifest.

I also love science-fiction. It usually explores unexplored realms and stands at the forefront of science and what we know that exists, always being one step ahead what society is. I will definitely publish fiction as well, not only science-fiction, as I think writing fiction books is an excellent way to develop your creativity, creating your own version of the world, to the smallest details.

200 Haiku Love Poems

200 Haiku Love Poems

released on the 12th of January, 2020

Adrian Tanase

ISBN : 9783966612111

 104 pages

0.99 USD (only for February, 2020)

I wrote these haiku love poems in the warm spring of 2019 and I managed to finish them in the breezy autumn days, that followed a long and hot summer. The message in these Japanese haiku poems is not merely about romance and romantic love but more about the sacred feelings, perceptions, and moods that love creates, that are especially found in a soul mate or even deeper, in a twin-flame relationship. These poems are the perfect gift for your girl or your woman partner, as they perfectly embody that spiritual and sweet aspect of love that all women need in their relationships. The book is a perfect companion in the wintertime holidays, when you go to your favorite coffee place, enjoy a hot cup of chocolate and dream about romance or about your new-found love. Just take the book and immerse in it, it can be an awesome source of inspiration for your artistic endeavors and also a great mood setter. I personally recommend reading these poems slowly, taking your time to feel each of them, in the company of relaxed piano jazz songs, in the solitude of your home or being at your favorite café. It is also the best companion for you guys out there that are in love. Each of the poems has its own message, simply written in the three-line Japanese haiku style, that describes beautifully the joy and wonder of the heart while being in love.

70 Daily Reflections For Your Spiritual Awakening

70 Daily Reflections For Your Spiritual Awakening

released on 16th of june, 2019

Adrian Tanase

ISBN : 9783965086005

139 pages

Free (January to March, 2020)

In this book, I am presenting 70 reflections or meditations on different spiritual topics, such as the Ego and the Higher Self, presence and mindfulness, compassion, happiness, karma, letting go, Enlightenment, solitude, unconditional love, forgiveness, meekness, truth, positive affirmations, change, non-attachment, Buddha-nature and also other dynamics that usually appear and manifest on the path of our spiritual practice. You may find these reflections useful especially if you are new on your spiritual path and are asking yourself a lot of questions. These reflections are really helpful for anyone who is looking to find his or her inner self, that deeper spiritual dimension of ourselves, where love and compassion manifest abundantly. Each of these meditations is spanning one, two or even three pages, but the information contained is rather condensed. You can choose to read a few chapters a day or just jump in and read the chapter that you feel drawn to, as many times as you need. If you want a real and lasting transformation, you need to read slowly and with focused attention each chapter many times and take time to meditate on particular phrases that you find of interest. In this way, you can start to see the seeds of awakening planted in this book blooming in your soul's garden and also healing you as well through the wisdom that is to be found inside each of them. May all these reflections, that I wrote with much carefulness and consideration, help you in your daily life and walk along with you on the path of your spiritual Awakening.

329 Haiku Poems For Your Spiritual Practice

329 Haiku Poems For Your Spiritual Practice

released on 10th of october 2018

Adrian Tanase

ISBN : 9783965087217

66 pages

Free (January and February, 2020)

329 Haiku Poems For Your Spiritual Practice is a collection of zen haikus that are created to inspire you more in your practice, on your spiritual path. Each haiku (short 3 lines japanese zen poem) is intended to be read slowly and meditated upon. It will bring mindfulness and improve meditation to the one who practices it. The book is organized in 29 categories, all related to virtues, human traits and spiritual terms. May these poems that I wrote with much love, help you with your spiritual practice and guide your heart on the path of beauty and exquisiteness. Namaste

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