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My musical journey

I started producing electronic music under the nickname / pseudonym Xplore, in 1998. After that, it followed a period where I started learning more about audio production and experimenting more musical styles, in Bucharest, learning from already established underground producers.

My first international release was in 2006, with Pure Substance Digital / Malaysia. Since then, I have released with other record labels such as Balkan Connection / Serbia, Renaissance / UK, LUPS Records / Netherlands, Silk Digital / US, and Seamless Recordings / UK (Purobeach / Bargrooves compilations).

Since the beginning of 2017, I started my own record label called Subspace Transmissions, with presence on Beatport, Apple, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, Google Music, Juno and all the other major online stores that sell or stream electronic music. I am releasing there an eclectic mix of genres, materialized in EPs or whole albums with songs that I feel inspired to create at the moment.

If you like downtempo / lounge / chillout side of the electronic music out there, the dance electronic music such as house, garage, deep house, techno, dubstep or even the more fast paced genres such as trance, drum'n'bass or psytrance, you can find a little bit of each, on my record label.

Get my whole current discography (or individual songs, if you wish) at, by clicking here.

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